Guided sessions for groups of similar ages.

This workshop invites kids to experiment with sensorial and artistic materials.

Through movement, experimentation and discovery, kids express themselves freely without the need of having to finish a specific work.

Trusting the intuitive and creative process of each person, this workshop emphasises their own resources, imagination and self-esteem.

The workshop runs in Catalan, Spanish or English. 



More information and booking: 

+34 639 748 775



Guided sessions in groups, couples or individually.

This is a workshop to explore and free personal emotions through a creative and artistic process.

Discover how to transform your own sensations into matter, form, colour, texture, density and movement.

Reconnect with your senses, listen to your body and follow your intuition.



More information and booking: 

+34 639 748 775



This is a workshop to share with your parents, daughters, sons, grandpas and grandmas, brothers and sisters.

Making a collective painting, rolling on the floor and letting yourself flow is an opportunity to break free from the quotidian.

This is about enjoying a creative experience together with your family with the aim of breaking for an instance with the established family roles. 

To discover how to relate to each other within a new environment which is open to experimentation, is a way of working and reinforcing the bond between you.



More information and booking:

+34 639 748 775


Andere Monjo works on the physical through experimentation with materials from nature without the aim of producing a specific final result.

Her pieces are the result of an impulse and of any accidental features that result of it immediately after. Her practice focuses on the making that comes with the natural flow and the process of material transformation. It is something experiential that begins by connecting with the sensorial, the intimate and the intuitive.

This procedure in her experimentation leaves a trace which transmutes and it is transformative.

At the same time, Andere shares these creative processes with people, turning them into a therapeutic experience.

Academic and Professional Trajectory