Andere Monjo

Andere Monjo

Andere Monjo


organic vegetable wax, organic pigments, essential oil of myrrh
L 18cm x W 13cm x H 16cm

Mirra candle is a candle and a sculpture at the same time, modeled from an olive tree root originally engraved by insects.
Made with vegetable wax, organic pigments and myrrh essential oil (aromatic resin), name that Andere gives to these candles for their purifying quality, highly valued in ancient times.

Consistent with the rest of her work, Andere experiments with variations on each creation, producing the candles one by one. These organic procedures are the essence of each piece and, in this way, the value is set in its authenticity.
Breaking with the exact and perfect reproduction of the same object, these candles are created with the intention of exploring irregularities and turning them into unique pieces.



Andere Monjo lives and works in Empordà (Spain). 

After graduated from the University of Arts London, with an Master degree in Materials Futures at Central Saint Martins School (2009), her works and design objects have been exhibited in New York, London, Paris, Switzerland, Belgium and Milan.  

Her creative practice studies the poetics of uncontrolled processes, focusing most of her work on the fluidity of nature's cycles and the evolution of material-emotional transformation.

Among her best-known pieces are the Rain tables (represented originally by Mint Gallery in London) in which Andere allows traces of rain to intervene in the spontaneous creation of watercolours.  

As a result of an impulse, her works express the presence of a momentum that connects with the sensorial, the intimate and the intuitive. Without being fully conscious during the artistic procedure, inevitably, each personal exploration ends up leaving an inner trace of sensations that transmute and are transformative.  

In parallel, Andere offers experimental workshops with the same approach of exploring intuitive processes with other people, turning it into an art therapy experience for her community.